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Wooden 3 Story Contemporary Home Design with Balconny on each Floor

This contemporary home is known as Villa Muurame. It is a private home located in Jyväskylä, Finland. Completed in 2014, it was designed by Marco Casagrande.

Villa Muurame is a wooden 3-story single-family home by Lake Jyväsjärvi in Jyväskylä, Finland. The spatial elements of the house (approx. 3m (9.8ft) wide, 7.8 (25.6) long and 3.1 (10) high) were pre-fabricated during the winter in the Muurametalot housing factory in Karunki, Finnish Lapland and the elements were erected in Jyväskylä after the snow had melted. The timber used is extremely slow grown and high quality Lappish spruce and pine.

The house is getting more private as one moves up the floors. The ground floor is an open space with collective functions, the bedrooms are on the second floor and on the third floor you get naked. Each floor has their own terrace or balcony and the second floor opens to an extensive roof garden.

The house is warmed up during the harsh Finnish winters with geothermal heating, which also cools down the house during summers.?


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